Rieck, Anna Maria

Birth Name Rieck, Anna Maria
Gramps ID I1945
Gender female
Age at Death about 95 years, 8 months, 10 days


Event Date Place Description
Sources Notes
Birth about 1733 Skorka, Poland  
Death 1828-09-11 Schoenfeld, Kolmar, Posen, West Prussia  


    Family of Buchholz, Daniel and Rieck, Anna Maria [F0805]
Married Husband Buchholz, Daniel [I1944] ( * 1734-10-00 + about 1790 )
Event Date Place Description
Sources Notes
Marriage about 1760 Skorka, Chodziez, Poland?  
Name Birth Date Death Date
Buchholz, Martin [I1568]17791850-02-12
Buchholz, Christoph [I1946]1784-06-261843-01-14
Buchholz, Daniel [I1947]17681843-03-30
Buchholz, Peter [I1948]1775-01-191841-03-04
Buchholz, Michael [I1949]17651841-09-26


    1. Rieck, Anna Maria
      1. Buchholz, Daniel [I1944]
        1. Buchholz, Martin [I1568]
        2. Buchholz, Christoph [I1946]
        3. Buchholz, Daniel [I1947]
        4. Buchholz, Peter [I1948]
        5. Buchholz, Michael [I1949]