Schoenknecht, Anna Rosina

Birth Name Schoenknecht, Anna Rosina
Gramps ID I1712
Gender female


Event Date Place Description
Sources Notes
Birth 1754-10-21 Scharne, Schlesien, poln. Potrzebowo  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Schonknecht, Georg [I1718]about 1721
Mother Schade, Martha Elisabeth [I1554]about 17301777-08-31
    Bruder     Schoenknecht, Johann Martin [I1552] 1793-10-13 1831-01-02
    Bruder     Schoenknecht, Stanislaus [I1670] about 1750 UNKNOWN
    Schwester     Schoenknecht, Maria Elisabeth [I1672] about 1750 bev 1791
    Schwester     Schoenknecht, Catharina [I1673] about 1750 UNKNOWN
    Schwester     Schoenknecht, Margaritha [I1675] about 1755 UNKNOWN
    Bruder     Schoenknecht, Franciscus [I1681] about 1750 UNKNOWN
         Schoenknecht, Anna Rosina [I1712] 1754-10-21
    Bruder     Schoenknecht, Valentin [I1725] 1759-02-14 1815-02-18
    Bruder     Schoenknecht, Joseph [I1726] 1747-11-12 UNKNOWN
    Schwester     Schoenknecht, Ursula [I1727] 1749-10-22 UNKNOWN
    Schwester     Schoenknecht, Barbara Elisabeth [I1728] 1750/1-02-15 (Julian) 1790
Stepfather Schoenknecht, N N [I1680]about 1710
Mother Schade, Martha Elisabeth [I1554]about 17301777-08-31
    Halbbruder     Schoenknecht, Andreas [I1671] about 1750
    Bruder     Schoenknecht, Franciscus [I1681] about 1750 UNKNOWN
    Halbbruder     Schoenknecht, Johann Joseph [I1682] about 1760 UNKNOWN
         Schoenknecht, Anna Rosina [I1712] 1754-10-21


    Family of Rösler, Georg and Schoenknecht, Anna Rosina [F0553]
Married Husband Rösler, Georg [I1683] ( * about 1750 + UNKNOWN )
Event Date Place Description
Sources Notes
Marriage 1780-08-06 Fraustadt Lache- Smieskowo/ Kreis Lissa


  1. Schonknecht, Georg [I1718]
    1. Schade, Martha Elisabeth [I1554]
      1. Schoenknecht, Johann Martin [I1552]
      2. Schoenknecht, Stanislaus [I1670]
      3. Schoenknecht, Maria Elisabeth [I1672]
      4. Schoenknecht, Catharina [I1673]
      5. Schoenknecht, Margaritha [I1675]
      6. Schoenknecht, Franciscus [I1681]
      7. Schoenknecht, Anna Rosina
        1. Rösler, Georg [I1683]
      8. Schoenknecht, Valentin [I1725]
      9. Schoenknecht, Joseph [I1726]
      10. Schoenknecht, Ursula [I1727]
      11. Schoenknecht, Barbara Elisabeth [I1728]