This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Dorn. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth
Albert Johann [I0234] about 1620
Anna Maria Thecla [I0830] 1759-12-01
Augustin [I0224] 1825-01-24
Christine [I0222] 1955-02-03
Elisa Maria [I0354] 1989-10-21
Eva Liselotte [I0362] 1933-01-03
Franz [I0214] about 1780
Hanns Max [I0351] 1959
Hans Max Heinrich [I0358] 1904-06-11
Hans Tobias [I0352] 1931-08-15
Johann Franz August [I0230] 1813-09-21
Johanna [I0217] about 1820
Johannes Amand Franz [I0231] 1822-01-10
Joseph [I0215] 1758
Joseph [I0828] about 1710
Joseph Florian Franz [I0229] 1816-05-12
Joseph Franz Aloys [I0219] 1815-04-08
Joseph Heinrich Reinhold [I0198] 1833-04-13
Kurt Wilhelm Heinrich [I0199] 1877-03-22
Luca Hans [I0355] 1993-12-20
Maria [I0218] about 1810
Maria Barbara Franziska Dorn [I0232] 1812-03-22
Maria Franciska Theresia Dorn [I0228] 1819-04-07
Martin [I0235] 1658-11-05
Martina [I0359] about 1961
Mathilde [I0650] about 1845
Max Heinrich Karl [I0360] 1876-01-27
Peter Andreas [I0361] 1936-11-11
Richard Walter Hans [I0363] 1878-10-20
Thadeus Anton [I0225] about 1780
Wilhelm Joseph Thadeus [I0227] 1809-08-23