This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Buchholz. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth
August [I1403] 1831
Auguste Ulrike Emilie [I1819] about 1853
Carl August [I0651] 1828-03-00
Carl Wilhelm, Sr. [I0653] 1804-03-04
Christian Friedrich “Frederick” [I1330] 1798-01-14
Christoph [I1946] 1784-06-26
Daniel [I1944] 1734-10-00
Daniel [I1947] 1768
Friedrich Theodore [I1349] 1837-03-21
Gustave [I1767] about 1855
Johann Gottlieb [I1951] 1800
Maria [I1768] about 1845
Maria Louise [I1695] 1800
Marie Henrietta [I0875] 1844-11-00
Martha Louisa “Amanda” [I1329] 1841-10-04
Martin [I1568] 1779
Michael [I1949] 1765
Peter [I1948] 1775-01-19
Theodore Gotthilf [I1766] 1842-03-12
Wilhelm Lebrecht [I1350] 1839-04-13