This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Schleusener. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth
Alfred [I0474] about 1895
Anna Elisabeth [I0477] 1894-07-09
Bertha Pauline Hedwig [I3237] 1886-06-26
Carl Ferdinand Paul [I3261] 1890-01-20
Dorothea [I1210] about 1782
Elfriede [I3250] 1939-05-02
Emil [I0492] about 1862
Erna [I1228] about 1890-07-11
Franz Richard Paul [I0371] 1901-08-01
Frieda Martha [I3239] 1888-01-21
Friedrich Adolf [I0493] 1839-05-18
Gottlieb [I3230] about 1770
Heinz [I3252] 1944-08-12
Karl Ferdinand Paul [I3241] 1890-01-20
Karl Ludwig [I0578] 1803-10-05
Ludwig Berthold [I2937] 1834-11-19
Margarete [I0583] about 1895
Marie [I0496] about 1885
Martha [I0497] about 1887
Martha Charlotte Gertrud [I0727] 1897-06-01
Martha Helene [I0435] 1879-05-29
Minna Franziska Helene, Minna Franziska Helene [I0130] 1867-04-19
Richard Hermann Reinhold [I0475] 1869-06-23