Rennack, Walther

Birth Name Rennack, Walther
Gramps ID I0328
Gender male
Age at Death 56 years


Event Date Place Description
Sources Notes
Birth 1908    
1 1
Death 1964    
1 1


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Rennack, Reinhold [I0348]18801950
Mother Karnatz, Alwine Martha Albertine Luise [I0349]1878-10-281950-02-24
         Rennack, Walther [I0328] 1908 1964
    Schwester     Rennack, Dora [I0347] 1910-02-14 1998-08-06


    Family of Rennack, Walther and NN, Hertha [F0125]
Unknown Partner NN, Hertha [I0329] ( * 1915 + 1981 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Rennack, Elke [I0102]1943-06-11
Rennack, NN [I0327]about 1935
Rennack, Jörg [I0508]1943-06-11
Rennack, Sybille [I0509]1941


  1. Rennack, Reinhold [I0348]
    1. Karnatz, Alwine Martha Albertine Luise [I0349]
      1. Rennack, Walther
        1. NN, Hertha [I0329]
          1. Rennack, Elke [I0102]
          2. Rennack, NN [I0327]
          3. Rennack, Jörg [I0508]
          4. Rennack, Sybille [I0509]
      2. Rennack, Dora [I0347]


Source References

  1. Erzählungen Tante Hanna Knüppel [S0022]