This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Schwandt. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth
Anna [I1213] about 1830
Auguste Bertha [I0143] 11 Mai 1845
Auguste Mathilde Schwandt [I0144] 1842-07-02
Carl Wilhelm [I0142] about 1811
Carl Wilhelm [I3005]  
Christian Friedrich [I0396] 1782
Christian Friedrich (jun) [I3004] about 1810
Ernestine Tugendreich [I0536] 1811
Ernestine Wilhelmine [I2536] 1838-08-05
Friedrich Wilhelm [I1208] before 1840
Friedrich Wilhelm [I1298] 1871-10-27
Friedrich Wilhelm [I2991] 1904-06-10
Friedrich Wilhelm Hermann [I0145] 1838-05-00
Gertrud Anna Bertha [I1211] 1896-08-03
Gotthilf [I1626] about 1830
Gustav Franz [I1007] 1855-01-25
Heinrich Julius [I0146] 1835-09-00
Henriette Paula [I1003] about 1842
Johann [I0849] 1764
Johann [I2547] about 1764
Karoline Dorothea Maria [I3006] 1812-03-07
Luise Charlotte [I1209] about 1846
Luise Dorothea [I1028] 18 SEP
Marie Luise [I1004] about 1841
Mich. [I1627] about 1750
Ottilie Battista Amanda [I1005] 1843-06-15
Paul Hermann [I3008] 1873-06-29
Pauline Emilie [I1006] 1850-05-17
Richard Simon Johann [I3009] 1876-08-30
Therese (Resi) [I2992] 1902-03-20
Wilhelmine Johanne [I2413] 1853-07-20