This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Karnatz. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth
Adam [I0931] 1615
Alwine Martha Albertine Luise [I0349] 1878-10-28
Anna [I0928] about 1660
Anna Catharina [I2963] 1664
Anna Catharina [I2966] 1690-12-30
Anna Christine [I0932] 1690-12-30
Anna Wilhelmine Johanna Karoline [I0455] 1874-12-23
Anthon Christopher G├╝rgen [I2946] 1782
Christian [I2947] about 1750
Christian (jun) [I0817] 1760-10-16
Christian (sen) [I0767] 1726
Christian Heinrich [I2749] 1754-07-19
Elfriede Auguste Maria [I0816] 1873-10-17
Franz Wilhelm Christoph [I0726] 1881-12-24
Friedrich [I0768] about 1695
Friedrich “Fritz” Joachim [I0814] 1807-06-28
Hanna Emma Katharina [I0427] 1907-06-09
Hermann [I0589] 1887-12-14
Joachim [I2830] about 1610
Joachim [I2832] about 1645
Johann [I2786] about 1644
Johann August Theodor [I0456] 1847-04-21
Joseph [I0591] about 1820
Karl [I2094] 1854
Katherine [I0951] about 1580
Leonore Karoline Alwine [I0624] 1879-12-28
Maria [I1271] 1799
Marie [I2785] 1662-05-16
Marie Friederike Sophie [I0818] 1864-02-08
NN [I1602] about 1585
NN [I2964]  
Ruth Esther [I2921] 1909-09-18
Sophia Juliane Dorothea [I2751] 1789-05-21
Sophie [I1272] 1801